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Parent Consultation

Parent Consultation

Hartburn Primary School

Information for Parent Consultations 1.30pm -7pm Thursday 27th February 2020

The School gates will be open just before 1.30pm.

As there will be children working in classrooms, there will be no access through any of the school corridors.

Please see below for where you may enter and exit school for your appointments with staff.


Staff: Mrs Graham, Mrs Bell and Miss Craddock

Please use Nursery Entrance. Meetings will take place in Nursery.


Staff: Mrs Adams, Miss Parry, Mrs Patel and Mrs Butterworth.

Please use Reception Greenhouse Entrance. Reception meetings will all take place in Class 2.

Reception children will exit by the normal doors at 3.30pm.

Year One and Year Two

Staff: Miss Burns, Mr Whitecross, Miss Connett, Miss Wildridge and Mrs Brown

Please use the Studio door. Meetings will take place in the Studio for all Year 1 and Year 2 classes.

All Year 1 and Year 2 children will exit by the normal doors at 3.30pm

Key Stage Two

Staff: Miss Rock, Miss Denton, Mr Davies, Mrs Goodwin, Mr Thackray, Miss Danby, Mrs McKibbin, Mr Chase, Mrs Morgan, Mr Lymer, Miss Collins and Mrs Wain.

Please use either the Hall doors from the playground or the Hall doors from the front of School.

Meetings will take place in the hall for all Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 classes.

All Key Stage 2 children will exit by the normal doors at 3.30pm

As usual a Crèche will be provided for Hartburn pupils. This will be held in the Dining Room. Please bring children to the Breakfast Club door which can be reached from the front of the school. Children must be collected from the same door. The Crèche will be open from 3.30pm.

All after school clubs have been cancelled.

Y5 and Y6 pupils are expected to accompany their parents to the consultations.

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