Our Governing Body

Please find below a list of our Governing Body here at Hartburn Primary School:

Head Teacher - Mrs Julia Armstrong  - 01/09/15 –

LA Governor - Mrs Janet Appleby  - 17/11/16 – 16/11/20

Staff Governor - Mrs Susan Hawes - 15/03/17 – 14/03/21

Co-opted Governors (voted in by full Governing Body)

Mrs Kay Steven – Chair - 29/06/15 – 

Ms Kirsten Donkin 24/04/2019 - 23-04/22

Mr Gavin Hatton 24/04/19 - 23/04/22

Mr Graham Rickard - 06/02/17 – 19/01/21

Parent Governors (voted in by pen portrait and ballot to all parents in school)

Mrs Carolyn Yule - 15/03/17- 14/03/20

Mrs Claire Berry - 12/12/99- 11/12/23

Mrs Ann-Marie Wilson 16/12/19 - 15/12/23

CLERK – Miss Emily Cheesman


Chair of Governors – Mrs Kay Steven

Vice Chair of Governors – Mr Jason Murgatroyd

Chair of School Improvement Committee – Mrs Janet Appleby

Chair of Resources Committee – Mrs Kay Steven

Safeguarding Governors – Mrs Janet Appleby & Mrs Kay Steven

SEN/DDA/Inclusion Governors – Mrs Kay Steven

School Improvement Governors – Mrs Janet Appleby & Mr Jason Murgatroyd

Membership of sub-committees

Resources Committee

Mrs Kay Steven, Chair

Mrs Julia Armstrong

Mrs Susan Hawes

Mr Jason Murgatroyd

School Improvement Committee

Mrs Janet Appleby, Chair

Mrs Kay Steven

Mrs Susan Hawes

Mr Jason Murgatroyd

Mr Graham Rickard

Mrs Carolyn Yule

Mrs Julia Armstrong

Term dates and holidays

School closes Friday 19th July 2019

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