Year 2

In September 2014, big changes were made to the National Curriculum. English, Maths and Science remain very important and are considered the core subjects in primary education. The National Curriculum sets out in detail what must be taught in each of these subjects, and they will take up a substantial part of your child’’s learning week. Alongside these are familiar foundation subjects: Art, Computing, Design & Technology, Geography, History, Music, and Physical Education. Schools now have more flexibility regarding the content they cover in these areas. At the end of Year 2, compulsory national assessments, informally known as ‘‘SATs’’, must be taken by all children. Pupils will undertake tests in Reading, Mathematics, Grammar and Spelling and Writing. Results will be reported to parents at the end of the year.

The content of the curriculum for Year 2 can be found within the Curriculum Overview 

Further detail for English and Maths is included below. Click on the links to find out more.



 The other links show the methods used to teach the four rules in Year 2

Addition methods in Y2

Subtraction methods in Y2

Division methods in Y2

Multiplication methods in Y2

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