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Y3 & Y4 Superbowl Party

Y3 & Y4 Superbowl Party

Hartburn Primary School

Our ILP ‘Road Trip USA’ will be finishing at the end of this half term, so Year 3 and 4 are planning on ‘having a ball’ to celebrate on Wednesday 13th February 2019. The children will be attending a Super Bowl party which will involve the children discovering more about American football, tasting different American food and completing some American artwork. It is going to be the Greatest Show on Turf!

To enhance the day and make it more memorable for the children, we would like them to come dressed as anything linked to America. This could be a famous American (past and present), wearing red, white and blue for the American flag or an American monument. Please ensure your child is wearing suitable footwear as they will still be outside during break times.

Additionally, we would like to go ‘the whole nine yards’, so we will be sharing American food in class. Therefore, please could each child bring in a small donation of party food for the class to try?

The school has a duty to ensure the safety and health of those taking part in or exposed to its activities, so far as it is reasonably practicable to do so, therefore pupils whose behaviour falls below the standard to be reasonably expected, or their conduct compromises the safety and health of the group, individuals or themselves, can expect to be removed from the activity.

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