Listed below are some of the policies we have in school. If there are any particular areas of interest not included please contact us.

Further policies can be found on our Trust website:

Anti Bullying Policy 2021
Attendance Policy
Autism Policy
Behaviour Policy
Complaints Policy
Disability, Equality and Accessibility Policy
Early Years Policy
English Policy 2023
Hartburn Covid Catch Up Funding Report
Keeping Children Safe in Education - Reference
Mobile Phone Policy May 2023
SEND Policy
Personal Development Policy
PRST Charging and Remissions Policy 2023
PRST Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2023
PRST Data Protection Policy 2024
PRST Privacy Notice Pupils/Family 2024
PRST Privacy Notice Governors 2024
PRST Privacy Notice Workforce 2024
Privacy Notice (Alumni)
Uniform Policy 2023
Whistle Blowing Policy
Behaviour Policy Addendum - Covid 19
The Addendum to CP Policy due to COVID-19 January 2021
Opening of Schools During National Lockdown
Wider Opening of Schools During National Lockdown
Risk Assessment Whole School 02/11/20 Covid Secure
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