In Year 5 and 6, the children will receive English and maths homework every week. For English, the children will be given a weekly spelling list and are also expected to complete Reading Plus.

Each group will be given clear expectations of how many tasks to complete on Reading Plus. This is between 3 and 5 texts a week. Spellings are also uploaded to Spelling Shed, where the children can play games to help learn the words and be part of a spelling league.

For maths, homework is set on Conquermaths, where a weekly task should be completed. Tutorial videos are to be watched before attempting to answer the questions.

Children will also be expected to practise times tables on TT Rock Stars.

Reading Plus

Spelling Shed

Conquer Maths

Times Table Rockstars


Every week your child will read with an adult in school. They will work on their word reading and comprehension skills, daily.

Your child will have the opportunity to change their reading book every week. As the length of the books your child is reading increases, they can keep their book for longer in order to finish it.  Please continue to share and discuss books with your child at home, any book that they are reading can be recorded in their reading record, as it shows them developing their reading for pleasure.

Creative Homework

Each term the children will be introduced to a new knowledge rich programme of study. These projects allow the children to learn about a whole variety of subjects, learning through cross-curricular links. They will receive a sheet with ideas for home learning, from which we would expect the children to complete at least three of the suggested activities.

Your child may also share their learning through our online platform Seesaw.


Writing Expectations Year 5

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Writing Expectations Year 6

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Examples of Writing Expectations in Year 5

Examples of Writing Expectations in Year 6

Maths Expectations Year 5

Maths Expectations Year 6

Examples of Math Expectations in Year 5

Examples of Math Expectations in Year 6

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