We are looking forward to welcoming you into Year 5 in September.

Transition Powerpoint

Please find below a PowerPoint about your new year group and class.

Class 14


I am Miss Collins and I cannot wait to teach you in Year 5. Learning languages is a passion of mine and I love playing sport and keeping fit and healthy: running and football are my favourites! I enjoy going on adventures and look forward to going on lots of learning adventures with you all next year. Problem solving, collaborating, investigating – we will have so many opportunities to explore topics, develop our understanding and have lots of fun.

You are going to have a fantastic time in Year 5!

Class 15

Hello! I’m Miss Denton and I have been teaching at Hartburn Primary School for seven years. This will be my third year teaching a Year 5 class and I am the school’s maths lead. As you can probably guess, my favourite lesson to teach is maths, especially fractions.  I am really excited to teach you as I know what a fantastic year group you are after having taught a lot of you in Year 3. In my spare time, I enjoy baking, reading and anything Disney! I hope Year 5 will be a year full of adventures and new discoveries.

Class 16


I’m Miss Danby and I have been a teacher at Hartburn School for ten years. Over the many years that I have been a teacher, I have taught a range of different age groups from Nursery through to Year 6. I enjoy teaching all subjects, but my favourite ones are English, maths and PE. I also enjoy helping to look after the school guinea pigs (Monty and Stanley). Outside of school, I enjoy cooking, reading, walking and riding my bike. I am really looking forward to teaching in Year 5 and 6 as I have taught most of you before when you were in Year 4. I can’t wait for September because I know it will be a fantastic year!

Year 5 Teacher


My name is Mrs Brown, and I will be one of the teachers in Year 5. I have been at Hartburn Primary School for a long time so most of you will know me. I can’t wait for next year in Year 5 and I’m really excited about our topics. I love reading and finding out about new books that you enjoy too. I’m looking forward to sharing and exploring new stories with you and also reading your amazing writing. One of my favourite quotes by J.K Rowling is: I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.

Teaching Assistants

Hello, I’m Mrs Ditchburn. As a teaching assistant, I’m looking forward to working with you all in September.

Hi. My name is Mrs Nicholls. I’ve really enjoyed working as a teaching assistant at Hartburn for 11 years. I can’t wait to work with all you amazing children again in Year 5.

Children’s Work

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