Geography at Hartburn will develop children’s curiosity and fascination with the world. Our cross curricular Geography curriculum provides children with opportunities to practise and apply key skills including across the curriculum. These key skills show progression throughout school, allowing pupils to analyse data, read maps and use technical vocabulary in their verbal and written work. Teaching will equip children with a diverse knowledge of cultures, communities, resources, natural environments and human environments. Learning will develop children’s understanding of key physical and human processes.

Hartburn staff and pupils have a zest for Geography and the world around us. Children have ownership of their learning and can enquire freely demonstrating initiative and resilience. Teachers use pupils’ curiosity to follow a child-led approach. We provide a broad and challenging curriculum where high expectations are set for all. Our approach is enquiry-based which encourages curious and inquisitive geographers. We use our local landscape to facilitate the pupils’ learning including visiting: The River Tees, our local coastline, PD Ports, Ropner Park and Stockton High Street.

Our curriculum is designed to encourage pupils to become local and global citizens who show a responsibility for our area and the future of our planet. Connections to the Global Goals are made within Geography lessons and pupils continually develop their self-awareness, and their understanding of the impact they have upon the world around them. Strong links are made between Geography and History, and across the curriculum. Reading plays a key role within the development of children’s knowledge; settings of fiction texts are explored and discussed and non-fiction texts are used frequently as sources of information to supplement learning.

Subject Leader

Miss Hoskin

BA (Hons) Primary Education and QTS

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Vocabulary Cycle B
End Points Cycle A
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