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At Hartburn Primary School our high quality Personal Development Programme enables every child to reach their full potential and become healthy, independent and responsible members of both our local community and society as a whole. This curriculum reflects our school culture and ethos and contributes to high standards of positive behaviour and attitudes across school from Nursery to Year 6. This planned and sequenced curriculum incorporates:



• Citizenship

• Character Education

• Wider Opportunities

• British Values

• Inclusion and Equality

• Careers


Our aim is to empower all of our pupils to become ambitious learners with a good understanding of how they are developing both personally and socially and to be able to tackle many of the moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up, enabling them to develop healthy, safe lifestyles and relationships.

We value the importance of capturing pupil’s voices and giving them opportunities to influence their own decisions. We achieve this through providing learning opportunities across and beyond the curriculum, allowing them to learn about rights and responsibilities, to challenge ideas and to encourage them to voice their opinions, debate and discuss in a safe environment.

Our high expectations and the culture of ‘Learning for Life’ that permeates across our whole school focuses on equipping pupils with the key life skills they will require to be part of the diverse and rapidly changing society we live in; our curriculum ensures that pupils develop awareness, knowledge and understanding of the protected characteristics.

We aim to prepare them for the world of work and support them in developing enterprise skills and financial awareness to achieve economic wellbeing. We encourage the development of key characteristics for life such as love of learning, resilience, integrity, team work, critical thinking and independence.

Our pupils are encouraged to be proud and to develop their sense of self-worth by playing a positive role in contributing to school life, the wider Hartburn community and developing local and global responsibility both now and in the future.

Our curriculum fosters positive character qualities which are encompassed in our Hartburn Hopes. Pupils at Hartburn endeavour to be courageous, honest, compassionate, respectful, resilient, and ambitious and they understand the importance of these virtues. Our pupils are shining examples of our school ethos; their conduct is exemplary and they demonstrate impeccable manners on a daily basis. Our pupils leave Hartburn Primary School as confident, responsible, caring and enquiring individuals who are well prepared for life in modern Britain.

Subject Leader

Mrs Adams

B.Ed (Hons)

Personal Development Including PSHE
Progression Document
End Points Cycle A
End Points Cycle B
Key Vocabulary Cycle A
Key Vocabulary Cycle B
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