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Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. At Hartburn Primary School, we are dedicated to creating an enjoyable and engaging experience of music for all children. By encouraging the children to participate in a variety of musical experiences, we actively increase their creativity, self-confidence, resilience and sense of achievement, whilst at the same time, allowing all pupils to develop their love of music.

Our children, of all abilities, are actively involved in every lessons and experience music in a multitude of ways. Performance, composition and listening skills are key elements in our music curriculum and are explored in different ways, including the use of technology. All children are given the experience of playing a musical instrument, as well as developing their music theory by beginning to read music notation. Children are introduced to music from a range of genres, composers and cultures, allowing them to understand that the language of music brings us together in unity, regardless of where we are from. Excellent staff subject knowledge and high expectations from our staff and music specialists allow children to become inspired and build a love for music.

Every child should have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument; in Y1&2 pupils are taught to play the glockenspiel, in Y3&4 pupils learn to play the ukulele and in Y5&6 pupils learn to play the drums. In addition to this, we further inspire our children and help them discover their musical potential through the music enrichment we offer. Each child has the opportunity to further develop their musicality by joining our school choir or participating in keyboard, piano, guitar and drum lessons, delivered by specialist teachers.

We believe, as a school, that it is important for our children’s love of music to be celebrated and shared with the wider community. Our celebration assemblies provide an opportunity for children to sing, dance and play instruments, showcasing their talents. Our Live Lounge sessions showcase the talent we have throughout the school and are shared through social media.

Our highly successful school choir has won the SHINE festival hosted at Middlesbrough Town Hall for the past two years. The choir has performed at The Globe and at Durham Tees Valley Airport, showcasing their singing talents. They have participated in several community projects hosted by Mike McGrother, Teesside’s own Wild Rover which has led to further developing a relationship with our local care home, White House. We look forward to developing this relationship further and growing our community choir. Previously, we have participated in the Stockton International Riverside Festival and look forward to the next opportunity to be in involved in this global event, enhancing our local and global responsibilities.

Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.

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